Highland Avenue

Highland Avenue is the newest project presented by Cape 3mpire Cinema and Secret Society Productions. It is a drama/reality series about 5 roommates living together in a large home. Each of them have their own dreams of becoming successful and living their dreams. Rian, played by Breyanna Brown, is a self driven business woman who has goals of working in the film industry I’m sales and marketing. Alex, played by Tyler Brown, is a great singer who is definitely a ladies man. Sabrina, played by Courtney Lewis, is a bossy makeup artist who is already on her way in the hair and fashion industry. Brian, played by Kentrell Chapman, is a romantic poet who also writes stories. Nicole, played by Alexis Sailes, is a flirtatious acting major in college who isn’t a favorite of her roommates from day one. Throughout this show, each character will encounter real life struggles and tribulations that will help mold them into stronger individuals. Relationships, friends, death, heart break, love, hate, and finding the good out of different situations is the key to this show. The writer/producer/director is Brandon Brown, film major at the University of Alabama. Cape 3mpire teamed up with its affiliates Secret Society Productions, ran by Derell Sparks and Logan Brown, who handle on set productions.












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