Month: February 2013

Cape 3mpire logo!!!

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Campus Movie Fest 2013

Late January 2013 CEO of Cape 3mpire Brandon Brown, a student at the University of Alabama, along with the members of Secret Society (Logan Brown, Derell Sparks, and Nkrumah Ball) teamed up with Makeup artist Courtney Lewis on their first film production on the film “Insensible”. This is the largest student film competition and to even be a part of something so extraordinary was a complete honor. The film was under five minutes long and was personally written by Brandon Brown and Alexis Sailes. The story is about an adopted girl names Michelle  (played by Madison Cumpton) who has been abused by her adopted father( played by Tyler Brown). The story takes a turn for the worst when the mother (played by Alexis Sailes)  finds Michelle’s diary hidden in her room and begins to read about the turmoil and abuse that she was going through.

This film has a great chance of being screened in CMF Hollywood if it has the most views by March 1st!!! Keep watching and sharing the film and hopefully it will make it to the big screen!!!!!!mov1 - Copy mov2 - Copy mov3 - Copy mov4 - Copy mov5 - Copy movie - Copy p1 p2